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     If you're tired of that uneasy feeling you've got in the pit of your stomach -- worrying about the direction of the stock market, the economy, the U.S. dollar, and inflation...

     Or if you're nervous about having enough cash left in your nest egg after this recession (and perhaps the next) to take care of your family and retire the way retirement ought to be -- comfortable, secure, and carefree... then please read on, because this could be the solution you've been looking for.

     The recent bear market just wiped out 13 years of capital gains.  In March 2009 -- as the S&P 500 hit its lowest level since 1996 -- millions of investors around the world sat in shock -- numb, as they witnessed their portfolios deteriorate in synch with the general market.

     Maybe you were among them.

     Teachers, lawyers, farmers, accountants, business owners..  hardly anyone who owned stocks didn't feel the pain.

But somewhere in the outskirts of Austin, Texas... one investor was able to avoid the worst of the turmoil.

     That's because -- in the depths of the worst stock market of our lifetimes -- his portfolio was quietly churning out "paycheck" after "paycheck" -- providing a steady stream of income and a healthy dose of comfort amidst the economic panic.

     He was concluding a 24-month long "real money" study with a new investing strategy -- one that focuses on safety and security, but that also offers a steady flow of cash to your bank account -- every single day.

     It's proven to be an overwhelming success...

     This man collected 340 checks worth a total of $25,660.30 in 2009 -- the equivalent of getting a $70.10 paycheck every single day last year (including weekends!).

     In December alone he collected 51 checks worth $3,296.41 -- for an average daily paycheck of $106.34!

His name is Paul Tracy, and he's my boss here at one of the most widely followed financial research outfits in the country -- StreetAuthority.  Each month our research and ideas go out to over 500,000 informed investors.  And that list is growing by the thousands every day.

     Why are we becoming so popular?  The answer is simple -- because the revolutionary income strategy that he and I discovered can turn your portfolio into a daily income machine -- offering you stable cash flow through practically any market blowup, plus huge $1,200-plus "paydays" on other occasions -- just like it has for us.

     But this is just the beginning.

     Paul's goal is to collect $10,000 a month from dividends only.  That might sound a little ridiculous, but as you'll soon see, it's entirely possible thanks to our "Daily Paycheck" strategy:

"By following just three simple investing techniques... and then reinvesting your daily paychecks... you're able to generate a more frequent income stream that grows larger and larger each month."

     If you have just 15 minutes a month to devote to your investments, then our "Daily Paycheck" strategy could be the answer you've been looking for.  Enter your email address below and you'll immediately receive...

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     2.)  You'll also get the names and ticker symbols of eight individual stocks that both Paul and I are already using to generate payments of up to $3,296 every single month.  Each one of these eight stocks fits perfectly into our no-nonsense, unbelievably simple three-part strategy.

     Just follow these simple investing techniques (plus eight of the exact same stocks) that Paul uses... and within weeks your nest egg could transform into a daily income machine that dishes out up to 51 checks a month.  And the best part is, you can start with a portfolio of ANY size.

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Amy Calistri
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StreetAuthority, LLC

About Amy Calistri

Amy is one of the nation's most widely-followed investing experts, and her analysis and advice is regularly read by over 500,000 investors throughout the country.

Amy holds a master's degree from the L.B.J. School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, specializing in international economic and industrial policy.  She also has an undergraduate engineering degree from Columbia University.  Prior to joining StreetAuthority, Amy was a senior researcher with Applied Economics Consulting Group, providing economic and financial analysis in support of commercial litigation.

In addition to holding a Series 3 certification, Amy has authored and instructed investment education materials used by a number of major investment houses.  She is also published in the areas of economics, statistics, and her other risk vs. return hobby -- poker.

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