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Dividend Opportunities is published by StreetAuthority, one of the nation's fastest-growing financial research firms. Today, our research is read by more than 2 million investors throughout the world. Our subscribers include employees from some of Wall Street's biggest investment houses, including Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.

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Q: Why is Dividend Opportunities a free newsletter?
We offer free subscriptions to newsletters like Dividend Opportunities to give investors a chance to become familiar with StreetAuthority and its editors. And to offer a sample of the quality content that StreetAuthority features in each and every one of its premium (paid) investing newsletter services.

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We'll email you your first issue of our popular Dividend Opportunities e-newsletter. Sent to over 200,000 subscribers, Dividend Opportunities is delivered straight to your inbox daily. After you submit your email address, you'll be redirected to our free presentation, titled The Dividend Trifecta -- an introduction to our paid financial newsletter The Daily Paycheck. In the presentation, you'll learn how you too can build a portfolio that pays you a dividend check every day of the year.

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This offer is 100% free of charge with no obligation to purchase anything. Credit card is NOT required.

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No. We have no business relationship or "side deals" with the companies we write about. Unlike some financial firms, we receive no compensation or promotional fees whatsoever from the companies we cover in our news articles or on our web site. We're a 100% unbiased source of information for investors. Since starting our company 10 years ago, our only obligation has been -- and will remain -- to you, the reader.

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No. We're an independent financial research and publishing company that has been in business since 2001. We have two offices (one in Austin, Texas and one in Gaithersburg, Maryland) and we have over two dozen full-time employees. You may have seen our investing ideas, market commentary and special research reports published on the financial news sites listed above. To learn more about StreetAuthority, please visit our About Us page or  our home page.

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4601 Spicewood Springs Rd
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Phone: (888) 560-4728

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